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Construction Accident Law 101

  • New York State is a pioneer in worker safety. The laws have been developed to protect those people that have been part of building this great State.

  • New York State is a pioneer in worker safety. The laws have been developed to protect those people that have been part of building this great State.

When a worker arrives at a job site expecting that he will return home safe and unharmed. Unfortunately, serious accidents happen on a daily basis. These accidents can change the life of a construction worker and his family in a horrific way.  Medicals bills, loss of income, and a life of pain and suffering become the norm for many individuals. The attorneys at Shulman & Hill PLLC understand the consequences of a serious injury and are privileged to help you or someone you know that has sustained an injury while working on a scaffold, ladder, or construction site. Injuries can occur when:

– A worker falls off of a scaffold or ladder; (Learn More About Scaffolding Injuries)

– A worker is hit by a falling object such as a tool or debris;

– A worker is provided improper tools;

– The construction company does not follow safety procedures;

– A worker is placed in a generally unsafe work environment.


In an attempt to make construction projects safer, the government has enacted numerous laws, rules and regulations, such as the OSHA rules and the New York State Industrial Code. The attorneys at Shulman & Hill possess the specialized expertise to litigate code violation cases and obtain the maximum compensation for our clients.

Learn more about Code Violations and how they will ultimately impact your case and payout.

Labor Law 240/241

New York Labor Law Section 241, while similar to Section 240, focuses on the safety of a construction site at ground-level. Also known as the “Safe Place to Work Law,” this section outlines specific regulations about how the areas of a construction site should be arranged and operated. In doing so, it aims to prevent slip and fall and/or trip and fall accidents, chemical hazards, air contamination, etc.

These two laws impose absolute liability on the construction companies, property owners and/or contractors who are responsible for maintaining a safe work environment. Generally, it does not matter whether or not the injured worker acted negligently, unless their negligent conduct was the sole cause of injury.

An owner or contractor found to be liable under Labor Law 240 is not automatically assumed to be negligent. In some cases, liability can be passed by contract or in limited circumstances by common law to another party. Typically this is the only defense available to an owner or general contractor.

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