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We care. Don’t assume that your employer or an insurance company is looking out for your best interest. Insurance companies want to minimize your recovery. Workers’ compensation claims are serious, complicated, and often overwhelming. It is important to have an informed attorney on your side.

Repetitive Motion. Slips, Trips & Falls. Musculoskeletal Injuries. Machinery & Equipment. There are countless ways to be injured in the workplace, whether you are in an office, manufacturing plant or on a construction site. Here are just a few of the possible work related injuries, which may occur:

The Workers’ Compensation process can be complex, daunting, stressful and time consuming. Shulman & Hill can help you navigate through the entire process from start to finish, whether it be from submitting difficult to understand paperwork, to handling your hearing before a Workers’ Compensation Law Judge.

Accidents can be an obvious cause of work-related injuries, however, some pain and illnesses start gradually making it difficult to pinpoint the origin or cause. Your injury or illness may be related to something on the job like toxic chemicals, repetitive motion, inappropriate training or mechanical failure.

Worker’s compensation protects you by providing coverage for medical expenses and loss of income in the event of an accident or work-related injury or illness. Unfortunately, the workers compensation claim process isn’t always easy. Many claims are denied, even in the case of falls at work, work-related car accidents.

Paperwork. Appeals. Process. Just as there are skilled workers in every profession, whether it be construction work or healthcare, we are experts in our field. Why struggle with the complex process of Workers’ Compensation which will either delay your claim or result in denial? We know how the process works.